Date Posted Section Item Rating
7/10/10 Movie Review The Karate Kid 2010 PGP-13
1/01/10 Movie Review Avatar XP
6/25/09 Movie Review Star Trek 2009 XP
4/07/09 Movie Preview. Our first ever. A reboot of Star Trek is a major event! Star Trek 2009 Preview  
1/11/08 Movie Review The Day the Earth Stood Still XP
1/11/08 Movie Review Quantum of Solace PGP-13
7/24/08 Movie Review Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, PGP-13
3/31/08 Movie Review 10,000 BC PGP-13
3/28/08 Movie Review No Country for Old Men PGP-13
2/19/08 Movie Review Jumper RP
1/21/07 Movie Review  The Kingdom PGP
12/24/07 Movie Review The Astronaut Farmer PGP-13
01/01/07 Movie Review  Casino Royal PGP-13
12/27/06 Movie Review  Who Killed the Electric Car GP
07/24/06 Movie Review An Inconvenient Truth GP
07/24/06 Movie Review Gattaca PGP
07/24/06 Good Movie Recommendations Intuitor's Recommendations for Movies With Good Movie Physics  
06/10/06 Movie Review The Da Vinci Code PGP-13
01/01/06 Movie Review King Kong PGP-13
07/28/05 Movie Review What the #$*! Dө wS (k)pow!? XP
07/04/05 Movie Review Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith XP
07/15/04 Generic Bad Movie Physics Cigarettes as Lighters  
06/28/04 Movie Review The Day After Tomorrow RP
12/06/03 Movie Review The Matrix Revolutions NR
08/16/03 Movie Review The Hulk NR
07/09/03 Movie Review The Matrix Reloaded RP
06/14/03 Movie Review The Italian Job PGP-13
05/21/03 Movie Review The Core XP
10/06/02 Movie Review The Abyss RP
09/21/02 Movie Review Spider-Man NR
09/19/02 Movie Review K-19 The Widowmaker PGP-13
09/01/02 Movie Review The Sum of All Fears PGP-13
09/01/02 Movie Review Reign of Fire RP
09/01/02 Generic Bad Movie Physics The Sound of Movies  
07/20/02 Movie Review Road to Perdition GP
07/20/02 Movie Review The Bourne Identity PGP-13
06/28/02 Movie Review Speed PGP-13
06/23/02 Movie Physics Specials The Day James Bond Died or When Reality Collided With Hollywood  
06/23/02 New Section Movie Physics Specials  
04/11/02 Movie Review A.I. Artificial Intelligence XP
03/04/02 Movie Review Collateral Damage PGP-13
01/05/02 Movie Review Independence Day RP
12/10/01 Generic Bad Movie Physics Expanded Visible Laserbeams  
09/04/01 Generic Bad Movie Physics Modified Visible Laserbeams  
08/03/01 Movie Review Planet of the Apes XP
07/23/01 Movie Review The Score PGP
07/12/01 Movie Review Armageddon XP
06/27/01 Movie Physics in the Classroom Asteroid Split Analysis  
06/27/01 Movie Physics in the Classroom Mir Artificial Gravity Analysis  
06/25/01 Generic Bad Movie Physics The Attractive Force of Glass  
06/23/01 Movie Review Swordfish PGP-13
06/06/01 Movie Review Pearl Harbor PGP-13
06/02/01 Generic Bad Movie Physics Problems with Windows  
06/02/01 Generic Bad Movie Physics Visible Laserbeams  
05/23/01 New Section Movie Physics in the Classroom