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To read more about us check out:
"Fellow Nerds: Let's Celebrate Nerdiness!", December 11, 2000, Newsweek Magazine

or the Reader's Digest, August 2001 Edition (page 69)


FOUNDER - Tom Rogers

Tom has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University and a Master of Business Administration from Clemson University. He worked as an engineer in industry for nearly eighteen years including eight years in R&D and is a US patent holder.
The first of his three children was born in 1978, immediately becoming part of a grand experiment in lifelong learning.

In 1993, Tom could resist the siren's song no longer and left industry to pursue interests in teaching and writing. He has mostly been teaching honors and gifted students since that time, including teaching in the International Baccalaureate Program at Southside High School , Greenville, SC since 1997. Currently he teaches AP Physics, AP Statistics, and AP Computer Science. His writing credits include "Fellow Nerds: Let's Celebrate Nerdiness!", December 11, 2000, Newsweek Magazine which was reprinted in the August 2001 edition of the Reader's Digest (P. 69) and The View of Physics From High School  APS News, August/September 2001.
Tom also works part time as the Education Liaison Officer for the Center for research in wireless Communication at Clemson University. As part of his duties he frequently gives physics demonstrations and presentations at schools and science centers.

In his spare time Tom designed and helped build the passive solar house he and his family live in. He collects Japanese woodblock prints, practices Taijiquan, and lifts weights. He spends countless hours on various writing and computer projects.

PERSONAL GOALS: Invent a word that makes it into the dictionary, write a best-seller, attain world-class level as a techno-nerd and see all my children and students succeed at life. 
You can contact him at


Scott was born in Texas in 1978, but has lived in Greenville, South Carolina for most of his life. He graduated with an International Baccalaureate from Southside High School in 1996, the same year he became an Eagle Scout. Currently, he works as a computer tech.

Scott is an obsessive learner and traveller. He has travelled to Europe three times. He is especially interested in the Balkans and Russia, where he has many friends and relatives. He continues to study and use Spanish, German, Serbo-Croatian, and Russian.

His hobbies include cross-country hitch-hiking, reading, writing, Taijiquan, weightlifting, anything to do with computers, genealogy, and studying a very wide variety of subjects.


Mark was raised in a house full of artwork, maps, books, computers, and power tools. Despite the perceived contradiction, Mark enjoys synthesizing the arts and humanities with technical and mathematical subjects and loves to get his hands dirty in the process. A graduate of South Carolina's first International Baccalaureate program, Mark was named 1997 Greenville County Student of the Year for scoring a perfect 1600 on the SAT. He is also an Eagle Scout. Currently, Mark works in the IT field.

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