Mars - The New Intuitor Frontier

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 References - Recommended Reading

Robert Zubrin - The Man With a Plan For Populating Mars
Even if Robert Zubrin never sets foot on Mars he will probably be remembered as a major figure in its eventual development. He has published detailed plans for everything from exploration to colonization of Mars. His books are the preimier reference for those interested in settling new worlds.

1. The Case for Mars : The Plan to Settle the Red Planet by Robert Zubrin, Richard Wagner (Contributor): This is Zubrin's blue print for Mars. It is essential reading for anyone interested in the eventual human settlement of Mars.

2. Entering Space : Creating a Spacefaring Civilization by Robert Zubrin: This book includes valuable new information about Mars but also discusses space exploration and settlements beyond Mars.



The Mars Society This is the organization which Zubrin founded. It's dedicated to the exploration and colonization of Mars.

Jet Propulsion Lab Mars Global Surveyor

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