Answers: The Cultural and Economic Impact of Physics

1) d) Albert Einstein
2) e) they are equally weighted
3) e) all the answers
4) c) Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci not only had a well-developed wave theory of light but also was known for a version of Newton's first law before Newton had one. Leonardo da Vinci could easily be termed an early physicist.
5) c) 1:1. Any industry which manufactures a product will have engineers.
6) a) Engineers. At 1760 thousand strong, engineers have a comfortable margin.   (Physicians=577, Lawyers=681, and Psychologists=166 thousand)

7) e) all of the answers

8) d) physicist. Franklin was well known in Europe for his work on electricity.
9) d) all of the answers
10)  a) Newton. Physics was the only branch of science to have anyone mentioned as a person of the century.

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